Centerplate, the official caterer of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, is also the exclusive caterer for all 2019 Endymion events held in the Superdome. No other caterers will be allowed entry to the Superdome to deliver catering to Extravaganza tables. Also, caterers other than Centerplate, will not be allowed access to the Superdome property at anytime during the day of the Extravaganza.

Ice and setups will be provided to each table throughout the evening. Guests attending the Extravaganza will be allowed to bring food and drink into the Superdome. Please note that all guests wishing to bring ice chests into the Extravaganza must have sturdy, Igloo-type ice chests of 64 quart size or smaller. Ice chests may be wheeled but no other type of cart or wagon will be allowed. Anyone attempting to enter with any other type of ice chest will not be admitted.

Click HERE to view the catering menu offered by Centerplate for delivery to your Extravaganza table(s). Instructions for placing catering orders are included on the last page of the attached form. Please note that all orders must be placed by February 15, 2019.