1967 Take Me Out To The Ball Game Harry P. Rosenthal Mrs. Harry P. Rosenthal
1968 Highlights Of The Silver Screen Henry P. Lusse Janice Marie Assunto
1969 Music . . . And That Reminds Me Salvatore Caserta Beverly Mary Christina
1970 Kingdoms Revisited Lawrence J. Rouse Diana Lee Bordelon
1971 N.O., America’s Most Interesting City Alphonse Maenza Lucille Ann Surgi
1972 Fables And Folklore John A. Gereighty Joni Leigh Centanni
1973 Golden Reflections Roland Dobson Lucy Ellen Vesich
1974 Endymion Salutes The Ladies William Kent Dupre Judy Lee Behler
1975 America Celebrates William R. Nichols Cheryl M. Pendergast
1976 Hail To The Chiefs Irving Wallace Lisa Anne Phillips
1977 It’s A Small World Edward J. Corcoran Rhonda Shear
1978 The Superstars Frank D’Amico Tianne Dimitri
1979 Endymion, A Thing Of Beauty Tom Delatte Sandy Rita Brett
1980 Broadway On Parade Salvadore Pardo Rhonda Ann Fox
1981 Heartbeat Of America George Hesni Robyn Mary Orgeron
1982 Literary Treasures Philip Accardo Sandy Dimitri
1983 Myths And Legends Stanford Rankins Jr. Bonnie Brett
1984 It Was A Very Good Year Joseph D. Medina Jr. Mary Elizabeth Muniz
1985 Come To The Mardi Gras Edward L. Martina Jr. Kelly Quaid Flick
1986 What Might Have Been Frank Meduna III Michelle Louise Muniz
1987 I’d Rather Be . . . Burton Himbert Jr. Leanne Quaid Flick
1988 New Orleans, This Is Your Life Lawrence R. Holmes Phyllis Anne Accardo
1989 They Changed The World Donald Broussard Dina Ann Dimitri
1990 Saturday Night At The Movies David C. Johnson Maria Ktistakis
1991 Silver Memories Robert T. Reynolds Margie Muniz
1992 The World’s Greatest Mysteries Dr. Jeff T. Jones Kimberly Ann Ello
1993 Flights Of Fantasy Bradley W. Butler Cynthia Alana Benbow
1994 Endymion’s Rockumentary Vern Cavalier Shannon Kelly
1995 Creature Features William Robinson Danica Colleen Benbow
1996 Master Storytellers Roy Cascio Kristi Lamarque
1997 Les Festivals Internationale Nathan J. Galliano Catherine M. O’Gorman
1998 Biographies Thomas L. Tompson Katherine M. Kleinpeter
1999 Mardi Gras From The Beginning Robert Guillot Emily Lee McMakin
2000 At Home In The Dome Howard Raymond Bridget C. Loehen
2001 2001: A Space Odyssey — Mankind’s Journey Into Space Joseph A. Marino III Elise Marie McDonald
2002 Masquerade Alfredo Padilla Katrina Ann Clarkson
2003 New Orleans From A To Z Patrick Nunez Kathryn E. Rittner
2004 Saturday Night At The Movies The Sequel David Goodson Megan Elise Giardina
2005 Endymion’s Mythological Menagerie Harry C. Meisel Christine Victoria Citron
2006 Legends And Lure Of Gold Kevin Jeansonne Mariesa Retif Barbara
2007 Endangered And Extinct Species James Le Febre Virginia Lizbeth Cooney
2008 Endymion’s Salute To Rudyard Kipling Joseph M. Lewis Bethany Nicole Burst
2009 Tales Of Sleep And Dreams Michael Henry Szczepanski Ashley Roser
2010 Abracadabra Patrick Russo Kelly Giardina
2011 American Masters Don DeVille Kathryn Schneider
2012 Happily Ever After George Lafargue Erica D’Aquin
2013 Ancient Mysteries Daniel Curole Victoria Hanzo
2014 An Evening at the Opera Ryan Schwankhart Alexandra Kern
2015  Fantastic Voyages  William R. Garcia  Rachel Miriam Blanchard
2016 Endymion Through the Years Robert W. Hodgson Jamie Elizabeth Hanzo
2017 Endymion’s Constellations Parker A Velargo Caroline Virginia Crosby
2018 Jazz – Our Gift to the World Jacob David Winfield Hannah June Autin
2019 Wonder Tales of Science Fiction Arthur Roy Janes III Alexandra Madeline Kenny
2020 Endymion’s Historic Dynasties Jose Juan Bautista Piper Ann Prouet
2022 Legends of Fire & Ice Maurice Barre Helen Trask Alford